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Last week, a cousin of mine called to tell me she had 5 days off in a row (she's a flight attendant) and we should go to Las Vegas, her treat.  Well, who am I to say no?  I called my casino host (yes, I'm that gambler) and got a suite comped for our stay.  I  gave her the room and I stayed with my mom.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and just got back to NY this morning on the redeye.

We had a great time!  In addition to the gambling, drinking and eating; we saw two movies: Dunkirk and Girls Trip, both very different and entertaining in their own way.  I ultimately had great luck at the gaming tables and came home a winner.

However, my mom's health situation seems about to change.  There seems to be a good chance that surgery is in her near future and if that is the case, I will have to return to the Valley earlier than I had been planning.  That may create some logistical problems for me.  I will work them out, but I will have to work them out.

On top of that, early Sunday morning, Itty Bitty had a horrible seizure that scared the life out of me.  It seemed to go on forever, all told, I think it was around 2 minutes.  After that, she seemed fine.  I took her to the vet Monday morning and he couldn't find anything wrong.  Her blood pressure and the blood test they did both came back normal.  He said to monitor her and document if she has any other seizures.  My problem is I was the only witness to both seizures (she had one Christmas Eve morning) and if I hadn't been there, my mother wouldn't have known about either one.  Soooooo, guess who's buying health insurance for both girls next week?  

I checked 2 companies, Trupanian and Healthy Paws, and I'm going with HP.  Trupanian offers 90% reimbursement, but for Pepper, it would cost $61 a month! and an additional $50 for Itty Bitty!  Healthy Paws has a senior pet option that offers 60% reimbursement for less than half the price and when I mentioned IB had had a seizure, I was told that since there is no diagnosis and she is not on medication, it would not be considered a pre-existing condition.

And I'm not even the Pet Mommy!  I'm the Pet Sibling!  I'm just glad we have some options. 


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